Paradox Advantage - For The Independent Agency

We get started in the insurance business because we have a passion, sometimes for the industry, sometimes our clients and people, and sometimes its something all together different.  It is easy to fall into a routine of working "IN" the business instead of "ON" the business, focusing on the tyranny of the urgent. 

Paradox Advantage will help you take a step back, identify your goals, prioritize your objectives, and proactively design a plan and strategy for the future.  Our consultant group offers services for small to mid-size insurance agencies who seek direction for their business and their team.  Whether you are a single operating Sole Proprietor or a Corporation with 20 to 30 employees, we will walk with you through the challenges of running your agency.

Would you like to schedule a free consultation?  We are happy to see if we are the right fit for you.

Providing Overall Improvement


We help to maximize outcomes and profitability by working with you to develop a solid strategic plan, grow and develop your team, and improve business process.  We aren't just consulting, we are a partner in your business.

Problem Solving Support


The team at Paradox Advantage is available to discuss and review a variety of challenges that arise as the present themselves.  Sometimes you just need a sounding board to tell you that you already have the solution.  Other times, it is a complex strategy session that conquers the seemingly impossible.

Talent Aquisition and Development


Let's face it, filling open seats in our industry can be a challenge.  Paradox Advantage can help build a strategy, fill the pipeline, and identify the right person.  Once they are onboard, what's next?  We can guide individuals to achieve and maximize personal and professional objectives.

Agency Automation


Technology and automation are an important part of how we serve our clients and our staff.  Knowing how to choose the right platform for your agency can be difficult without asking the right questions.  Paradox Advantage can help you find that direction and minimize the pitstops and U-turns.

Strategic Planning


What are your plans for the next year, 3 years, or even 10?  Do you plan to grow, sell, or just maintain your current lifestyle? Let the team at Paradox Advantage help you to identify the benchmarks and roadmap to accomplish your objectives.

Workflow Management


How do you deliver the best experience for your clients while protecting your agency E&O?  Paradox Advantage can help to provide the security in the tight rope that lies between the two.  We can help to put workflows into place for future growth or review those you already have to maximize efficiency.